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Maryland-Based Acoustic Duo performing an eclectic blend of songs, both contemporary and highlights from the past. Our goal is professionalism, musical integrity and a pleasant experience for you. A conscientious song selection, emotive voices, solid musicianship, kindness and smiles all around.

We are two Voices, one (excellent) Guitarist.
"A Music Duo for Everyone"

Wishing all a splendid 2020.

We are pleased to formally announce a shift for the Duo. LeeAnne has decided to focus her attention and voice on her (Certified) Health and Life Coaching practice rather than her singing voice. You can find her singing on our CDs and she welcomes bookings for your Private House Concert, Art/Book Festival or Philanthropic/Educational Venue.

Stanley will continue to perform at a handful of choice restaurant/bars/wineries however he will be concentrating on a new SOLO Electric guitar record.

The monthly calendar will always be Stanley Acoustic unless otherwise noted.

For booking information, please send your email to leeanne.whitaker111@gmail.com or Message us on our Facebook Page.

2018- Stanley Released his long awaited Solo Acoustic CD titled; Under the Progwood Tree. This is a GEM featuring some of his favorite progressive covers.

In 2016- We Released; Under the Covers Volume 11. Recorded, Mixed, Mastered in our home studio; Meeting of the Minds", Under the Covers Vol. II!!

To order a CD you have options. For a physical copy please stop by a performance or message us to send you one.

You can find us also on; CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay. We look forward to booking your Private House Concert, Arts Festival or Winery.

Musical time to compliment your occasion.

In another venture, An invitation from LeeAnne to become acquainted with her team of kindness (founded in 2007) called Moon Out Loud. She moves as voice and team leader knowing together we can accomplish more. The brilliance of minds and excellent skill sets work together to celebrate, advocate and assist another in need where possible. This team currently holds a grand Irish Thoroughbred horse that accepts appointments as its team Mascot. "Rock On Proud, Maintain Our Legacy, Moon Out Loud"

For information regarding Moon Out Loud, please visit our team on Facebook

Stanley's Health Update:

As many of you are aware summer of 2008 Stanley was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, then- a second blow Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. With fingers crossed ACC sits in remission and the other; CLL is treatable and referred to as a "slow mover." We consider ourselves lucky compared to many struggling with chronic illness.

Some days are more difficult than others. I am determined to make better and be a good steward of every single one of them.

Much Love & Heal Through Music,
This is why I sing.

Thank you for supporting the Arts,
See how good you feel?

Much Love & Gratitude
Stanley & LeeAnne

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